There is no better way to ensure the future of your business than by engaging your whole team in its success today.

Intrapreneurship is the process of engaging next generation leaders in the development and commercialization of innovative new opportunities to drive your business forward. That includes providing them with the necessary skills, tools and resources to advance those opportunities.

Designed for success.

35 intrapreneurial projects have already been developed in our program. To date, 1 out of 3 that have gone through our program have given birth to a solid new business which is 3× more efficient than entrepreneurship!

Intraprise° is built on the five benefits of intrapreneurship:

1. Identifying and commercializing your best growth opportunities
2. Retaining and developing dynamic future leaders
3. Smoothing the transfer to the Next Gen of (family) leadership
4. Attracting top talent by developing an inclusive culture of innovation
5. Readying your team for an ownership change or capital event

47% of the rising gen wants to launch their own project parallel to their family enterprise.

– PwC Global Family Survey (2016).

The Intrapreneurial Program gives them the tools to do so successfully.

Blended Learning. Flexible Delivery.

Send your select intrapreneurs to Intraprise° to learn the skills they need to drive new sources of revenue for your company and to help bring their best ideas to market, faster. Talk to us about delivering a customized program to you and your team or click on the list of events below to find out more about our virtual Sprints and Masterclasses.

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Includes on-line learning, workshops, guest experts and coaching!

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