Live from C2M19!

June 26, 2019

Live from the aptly themed C2 Montréal 2019: TOMORROW, I am grateful to Oliver Laquinte, President, Talsom and Olivier de Richoufftz, President, Business Families Foundation (BFF) for inviting me to speak about the Future of Family Business. I enjoyed sharing my thoughts with multiple generations of business leaders and introducing the room to Intraprise°, the groundbreaking program brought to market in collaboration with the BFF.

Why is family business business critical to the future of economic growth? Research from the Alberta Business Family Institute found that family businesses employ six million workers, create 70% of jobs in North America, and provide 55% of all charitable donations. The institute estimates that family businesses contribute 60% of the Canadian GDP.

The full podcast taped live at C2 Montreal will be ready to share in July.
Until then, I look forward to providing key highlights and insights along the way…

“Leave a legacy to the next generation that shares your passion, inspiration and resilience. With it, they too will be able to build anything.”

– Ken Tencer, CEO Spyder Works and Intrapreneur in Residence, Business Families Foundation

As parents, we encourage our children to pursue their passions.  We tell them to pour their energies into something they love, and it will pay them back with emotional and financial success.  However, in our role as family business owners, we often send our children a very different message.  When we discuss succession of the family business, the conversation too often turns to a financial and legal checklist, rather than the conversation about the vision and passion that drive your business forward.

How should you engage the next generation? How can you improve the odds of surviving and growing your family business when only 12% of all family business legacies make it to the third generation?

What are the ingredients for success? Intraprise° shows you how to build on the principles of intrapreneurship to engage next generation family and team members in the development and commercialization of the innovative new business opportunities that will drive your business forward.  It lets you invest in the innovative passion and energy of people you already know and trust – your people.  Intraprise° gives them the motivation to reinvest their careers in the family business.

Reach out to me at to talk intrapreneurship, succession and the next generation of success for your family business beginning with our next Intraprise° cohort in Toronto this fall.

By Ken Tencer

Ken Tencer is chief executive officer of design-driven strategy firm Spyder Works Inc. and the co-author of two books on innovation, including the bestseller Cause a Disturbance. Follow him on Twitter at @90percentRule

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