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November 3, 2018

Aether and Credo presented the unique Humanizing Innovation un-conference ( that combined knowledge transfer, skill building, storytelling, and networking in the Dynamo of the South—Chattanooga, Tennessee. The summit focused on ways that companies, organizations, and individuals are humanizing innovation to drive positive change and sustainable growth. Attendees learned how to create, contribute, and connect the atoms, pixels, currency, and heartbeats required for the ever-evolving experience economy.

The summit was designed to provide actionable next steps to generate a measurable impact for your organization. It introduced participants to others through meaningful discussions, taking part in collaborative experiences facilitated by thought leaders, and inspiration by the next generation of activists, designers, business leaders, and technologists, all while experiencing the best food, music, and culture the region has to offer.

By Ken Tencer

Ken Tencer is the CEO of Spyder Works, a business consultancy of choice for mid-market companies and intrapreneurs globally in the areas of innovation and intrapreneurship, brand and customer experience, marketing and channel management, organization and operations, and learning, culture and leadership.

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